Visiting Salem, MA this year?

Then you NEED The Official Spooky in Salem Trip Planner!

Planning a trip to Salem, Massachusetts can be SO MUCH FUN, but it can also be super overwhelming! Instead of stressing over your trip to Witch City, grab a copy of our Salem trip planner to help you stay organized. Don't forget to add the Halloween Museum, pictured here, to your list!

OMG, I need it.

The Spooky in Salem Collection

Whether you're planning a trip to Salem, Massachusetts this year, dreaming of visiting, or want to represent the Spooky in Salem Facebook community (have you joined us yet?!), there's a little slice of spooky for every witch in our Spooky in Salem collection.

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It's Always Halloween Here

Calendar, shmalendar. We know Halloween isn't just a holiday or a season; it's a lifestyle. From crewneck sweatshirts to hoodies to t-shirts and more, we've got enough Halloween to last you until the countdown to next Halloween (which is always).